Village Insurance Advisors in Mount Pleasant, SC

Implementing custom risk management plans to protect and restore your most valuable assets

Implementing custom risk management plans to protect and restore your most valuable assets

Who we are

Village Insurance Advisors is the Lowcountry’s consultative insurance agency

We provide commercial insurance and personal insurance as well as risk management insurance for financial industry professionals. Based in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Village Insurance Advisors provides customized and comprehensive risk management plans. We work with clients to implement custom risk management plans to protect and restore your most valuable assets.

Learn more below about what sets us apart from other commercial and personal insurance agencies.

Becky Cheek, Founder, Village Insurance Advisors

Founder, Becky Cheek

What sets us apart:


Concierge-level service

We are a local, independent insurance agency serving businesses and successful families.  While we are friendly and approachable, we provide concierge-level service and thorough industry knowledge to craft an asset protection plan that’s tailored to your specific needs.



We leverage relationships with every major carrier to select the most complete coverage of your valuable assets. We do in-depth cost/benefit analysis to determine which insurer is right for you.



Insurance can be complicated and confusing. Let us help you simplify your complex risk management by providing straightforward explanations of what your options will – and won’t – cover.  With us, you will have the security of knowing what you value most in life is protected.

commercial insurance

If you own a business, we can help you determine how to protect what you’ve worked hard to build.

Commercial Property

Businesses need property insurance – coverage on real property such as office buildings, factories, and warehouses, as well as coverage on business personal property.

Commercial Liability

A commercial general liability policy protects the assets of a company and provides financial resources to pay for obligations in the event of liability claims.

business interruption

Interruption insurance can cover lost revenue from being closed and extra expenses associated with a having to relocated and pay for the temporary location.


Crime insurance provides protection from financial losses related to business-related crime, including employee theft, forgery, robbery, and electronic crime.


Auto liability insurance is needed by businesses to provide liability and physical damage coverage for losses that may occur in company owned vehicles.

professional Liability

When you make a living off of your expertise, you need errors and omissions insurance to protect yourself and your business from legal expenses that may occur.

Cyber risk/internet liability

Cyber insurance coverage may include protection against data destruction, theft, extortion (ransomware), hacking, and denial of service attacks.

surety bonds

Surety bonds are written agreements to guarantee compliance, payment, or performance of an act. They help businesses provide a guarantee the completion of work.

workers’ comp

Workers’ Compensation insurance protects both your employees and your business if an employee experiences an injury or disease while at work.

risk management for finance industry professionals

We specialize in providing risk management for financial industry professionals.

As a financial services professional, you constantly deal with managing risk in the markets. Allow us to remove the worry about risks to your business. Becky Cheek, company owner, founded Village Insurance Advisors after spending 15 years in the financial services industry. This experience makes Village Insurance Advisors uniquely equipped to create effective risk management plans for professionals in the finance industry.

Custom Risk Management Plans | Village Insurance Advisors | Mt. Pleasant, SC

personal insurance

Let us help you create a customized risk management plan for your most valuable assets.

Homeowners policies only cover items like jewelry and art for a nominal value. Be sure your precious valuables and fine collections are protected to the full extent of their replacement value. We provide homeowners insurance, flood insurance, auto insurance, watercraft insurance, aviation insurance, jewelry insurance, fine art insurance, excess liability insurance, and builder’s risk insurance.

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